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Big Ted

Big Ted is in hospital at the moment. Like the Velveteen Rabbit, he’s been almost loved to death.

He lost his first ear on a British Caledonian flight from Kano to London in 1976. A few years ago the other one vanished too.  I could manage a one eared Teddy but to lose two was too much to bear. Two weeks ago I  made him a replacement one and stitched it back on. Of course nothing matches the luxurious fur he came with but I adore that about love, that it changes things, and they become more real in the process. A patchwork of a well lived life, more whole and integrated, more kind and empathic.


As I have journeyed through life I can see the scars on my body from my own adventures. They glisten and remind me of all the ways I have been brave and carried on when it could have been easy to give up. I was born with a deep curiosity for life and it has opened me up to so many beautiful connections over the years. I love meeting new people and deepening connections with friends. I always feel very heart-full after rich encounters.

Truth be told I am equally happy tucked up as I am today on the sofa.  Archie is gently snoring, and Raffy the puppy is scampering around searching for new things to chew. Occasionally I hear a thud as the goat’s horns hit the outside wall of our bathroom (where they have been residing for almost a year now) and the chickens periodically ‘craw’  around the verandah because its been raining for the last 24 hours. These gentle times deeply nourish me too.


For the last four months I have had a nearly full house. I have had two of my children and their partners living at home. It has been wonderful to reconnect with my elder daughter, who moved back from the UK and to spend more time with her partner. My son lives in the studio next to the house and his girlfriend was living with us for the first couple of months of this year too. There has been lots of listening and learning taking place and we have all had to find ways to express our challenges and learn to accept and tolerate each other when our cups were empty. I am amazed at how much fun we all had together, parenting adult children is very different.


In amongst all of this my new podcast Wisdom From Lived Experience has been published. I am now on episode 7 with another 7 recorded and in the editing suite. It has been such an enriching experience, being in conversation with people who have lived such full and interesting lives. If you haven’t listened to any of them then you can find all the episodes linked on my Linktree here.

As always I am recording and posting a reading with my Wisdom From Lived Experience deck every new and full moon on my Social Media. My intention is always  to tune into the energies present so we can work with them for our own growth and evolution. Everything is always here to help us grow, even the really challenging stuff. You can purchase your own deck here.


I occasionally have time to do a private reading or intuitive coaching session for people who need some guidance, reassurance and clarity in their life.

I also offer a Deep Listening session. This is a  non-judgmental space of expansion and  wisdom where you drop into and access deeper parts of yourself. Those parts know exactly what you need to do next and I merely act as the midwife and scribe. I have recently added Chronic Illness advocacy to my list of services. With auto-immune conditions on the rise I want to share everything that helped me get my own health back after two years of debilitating chronic fatigue. You can find out how to book your session here.


With an empty house I am now aware of all the mess that is mine to deal with. In a few weeks I head back to Scotland and to celebrate my mother in law’s 90th birthday. Of course I have lists but I also have scheduled in time for ‘nothing’ too. Nothing feeds me soul more than snoring dogs and birdsong.


I hope life is being kind to you,


Much love as always,

Jen xxx







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