Accessing the Oracle

There are times when we cannot see the wood for the trees. We feel confused and lost while struggling to orientate ourselves in a rapidly changing world.


Sometimes all we need to recenter ourselves are a few conscious breaths. However there are times when everything can feel overwhelming and we are invited to access a deeper wisdom.

For the last twenty years I have been tuning in and trusting my Oracle cards. They have soothed, comforted and reassured me when I have felt isolated, confused and scared.

When I work with my clients there is always a moment when my Oracle cards beg to be invited in with some deeper insights and wisdom.


This year I have been taking time away from one on one readings to create my own deck. Instead I have been sharing a reading every Monday for the collective on my Social Media pages.

Recently I have been feeling some nudges and I am happy to announce that I have some availability to work with my intuition and my Oracle cards.


Ask the Oracle is a soothing remedy when you are in the midst of chaos and are longing for some deeper understanding and guidance to ground and anchor you. With over 25 decks to choose from we will find something that is just right for you. Kind and caring voices make everything feel better.

For more information about readings please contact me through the link below.