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Wisdom From Lived Experience

I dreamt of creating my own heart-centred guidance deck ten years ago. I had no idea how to start and every time I tried to find support I would come to a dead end. Eventually I found Laura Bowen, an Aboriginal artist who had created three of her own decks and was keen to share her knowledge with people. 


So in late 2020, I began planning and painting. The first words I wrote in my art journal were "Grandmother Wisdom." I realised whilst I was not a grandmother I certainly had lots of wisdom to draw on from my own lived experience. So this deck is a memoir of sorts, grounded in real life making it highly relatable and easy to use.

Within the deck you will find 37 cards with original artworks, all unique and painted by me. They are mostly external places I have visited. Some express a more internal landscape. There are two extra cards which offer shorter meanings for each card.


The deck also comes with a glossy 88 page guidebook that explains how to use the deck with a description of the relevant lived experience and guidance offered from the wisdom I have gained.

Each card offers an opportunity to reflect on your own lived experience to reveal insights for decision making on your path ahead.

The entire deck has been created, typeset, printed and bound in Australia. The cards are 127mm by 90mm, and are easy to handle and come in a colourful tuck box with all the card images.


Over the last twenty years I have been tuning in and connecting to different card decks. They have soothed, comforted and reassured me when I have felt isolated, confused and scared. My intention is that my deck offer the same to everyone who connects with them.

Every full and new moon I pull a card for the collective on Instagram.

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