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I was born in Dundee, Scotland and raised in Kaduna, NigeriaBeing a Third Culture Kid I was wired differently and it has given me a unique perspective on life.

As an intuitive empath I have always felt the world deeply, the pain and the suffering, the joy and excitement and everything in between. I love exploring and learning new things and enjoy sharing that what I have learnt with others. I share tidbits of my life on social media and I hope it inspires others to believe that anything is possible when you get your 'mind chatter' out of the way.

My mission in life is to uplift the voices that have been oppressed by our patriarchal culture. The emotional ones, the quiet ones, the wise ones, the intuitive ones, the creative ones and the many more that are life sustaining.

In my private practice I support women to find their own intuitive voice and creative self by giving them a permission slip to free themselves from their cultural and familial programming. 

I hold a MA in Indigenous Studies, I am a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, (ICF accredited) and a Practitioner of The Richards Trauma Process. 
I have studied advanced Reiki, Integrative Kinesiology, and Metamorphic Technique 

I am also part of Pearces Creek Talks, a non-profit community organisation that hosts community conversations about regenerative agriculture and connection to land.
More recently I have been more involved with interviewing our speakers which has been the impetus for  my new podcast
Wisdom From Lived Experience.


I have been married to Simon for 29 years, we have three beautiful adult children, and live on "Magindah", a Pecan Farm in the Byron Bay Hinterland in Australia.

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