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I was born in Dundee, Scotland and raised in Kaduna, NigeriaBeing a Third Culture Kid I was wired differently and it has given me a unique perspective on life. I love learning and I love sharing what I have learnt with others.               
As an intuitive empath I have always wanted  people to feel more heard, more understood and to experience more compassion.
I realised from an early age that the 'system' we have been taught to live in has caused much suffering. It is a system that places value on our appearance, intelligence, wealth, productivity, health, physical ability, sexual preference/identity plus many other classifications.
How can we all thrive in a system which operates like an exclusive club that not everyone can join?  The truth is we can't and the despair of not being respected and validated as the magnificent and majestic beings that we are has been painful for us all. 

My life's work is to create spaces which celebrate diversity and inclusion, and allow all of our parts to be seen heard and loved.
I have learnt from leading experts in Trauma, Healing, Shame Resilience, Coaching, and Inner Parenting. Everything that helped me climb out of my own trenches I now share with others.  I have facilitated self-discovery workshops, run online groups, held space for a regular women's circle, and work one on one with private clients. 

I hold a MA in Indigenous Studies, I am a certified Life Coach, and a Practitioner of The Richards Trauma Process. 

In my own practice I advocate for naps and nature, kind 'inner' voices, time for creativity, wholesome food, nourishing relationships, laughter, and lots of fun.
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I am also the secretary at Pearces Creek Talks, a non-profit community organisation that hosts community conversations about connection to land. Recently I have been more involved with interviewing our speakers which has been the impetus for  my new podcast Wisdom From Lived Experience.

I have been married to Simon for 29 years, we have three beautiful adult children, and live on "Magindah", a Pecan Farm in the Byron Bay Hinterland in Australia.

One of my greatest achievements was getting out of the 'rat race' in 2003 and taking a year to travel around the world with Simon and our children. We found our way back to Australia in 2007 and continue to love our life here.

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