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It’s been a year!!

I cannot believe that it will be a year since I launched my deck.

I has been both terrifying and exhilarating allowing parts of myself to be revealed. These days it seems that many more people have access to cards to use as a tool for guidance, reassurance, focus or inspiration and I am extremely proud of myself of getting the Wisdom From Lived Experience deck out into the world to offer something a bit different.

I have had lovely feedback about the artworks and the personal stories I have shared from my life and I continue to use them in my personal and professional life. As I say to people these cards offer you the activations and purifications I have accessed in my own healing journey.

To celebrate this milestone and to support everyone access the deck I have decided to offer 20% off the deck for the week of this celebration.

I will announce this on my social media tomorrow but if you are on my mailing list you can access this discount now.

If you are in Australia, USA, rest of the world (except Europe) then click here


Thank you to everyone who has already purchased the deck and is using it in their everyday life.

Wishing you all a very Happy Winter/Summer Solstice.

Much love,

Jen xxx

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