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Basically Buckwheat

Press release

Northern Rivers local Jennifer Winfield has this week released a cookbook which is finally giving attention to an often-overlooked staple ingredient for those with gluten and other food allergies – buckwheat.


The 64-page book contains 30 buckwheat-based recipes, each accompanied by full colour photography. And all are suitable for the home cook.


Jennifer came to depend on buckwheat and develop her own recipes for it, when she was struck down with chronic illness in 2015.


“It became one of only 10 foods I could eat as I slowly worked my way back to health,” says Jennifer.


“Utterley fed up with my daily staple of buckwheat flatbread I set out to develop my own recipes that met my strict health requirements but were packed with flavour and colour. The more I shared my new recipes with friends and family, the more the demand and interest grew and before long I knew I had to do something to get these out to the thousands of people living through similar dietary and health challenges.”


Buckwheat is a prime ingredient in gluten and grain free diets because, despite appearances, it isn’t actually a grain. It is a seed that comes from the rhubarb family. Buckwheat is packed with nutrients like plant proteins and amino acids. It is an excellent source of iron and magnesium, it is high in rutin and also contains tryptophan, which makes the feel good hormone serotonin in the body. (It should come as no surprise that buckwheat is the staple food for Himalayan Sherpas!)


All the recipes in the book are are nut, gluten, dairy, red meat, pulse and nightshade free.


The book is now available for purchase at and some local retailers and costs $20 plus postage and packaging.

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