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Down under in 2021

What a year!

There were so many unbelievable experiences in 2021.

It was rough and real, there was absolutely nothing superficial about it.

Skeltons fell out of closets and I saw parts of myself and parts of other people that I had never seen before.

I was hitting more 'unfollow' buttons than Jimmy Conor hits tennis balls (I know that shows my age)!

I can't tell you how grateful I was that I had studied boundaries with Brene Brown back in 2016 because I needed those skills and tools more than ever this year. It was really tough out there.

Of course there is always another side to the story and this was also a year that I did some public speaking, and started being recognised in my local community for my work with Pearces Creek Talks. I began painting and creating my own oracle deck which has taken much longer than I had anticipated. We renovated an old barn on our farm and played ping pong throughout the winter lockdown. More recently I have been using it for women's circles. I recognised that as women we needed a space to come together and share our hearts and our stories. I will be offering these more regularly in the New Year. If you are an interested local please let me know and I will add you onto my list.

I continue to work with clients when they need support. I have also been working with a brilliant therapist this year who has really helped me clear some of my more challenging ancestral patterns. As always I have taken regular naps, walked my dogs, swum in the sea, and enjoyed a very outdoor life on our farm. I can't remember when I last left home as mini breaks were cancelled due to last minute lockdowns. This is also my last year as a school mum as my last child finished his schooling.

How was your year as you shut the door on 2021? Did you find some joys amongst the challenges?

Wherever you are in the world, my big Taurean heart wishes you much joy and ease in the coming year ahead.

Wishing you best wishes for the holiday season.

Much love,

Jen xxx

PS If you need some last minute gift ideas for yourself or a loved one then you can head over to my shop and see what I have on offer.

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1 Comment

Mel Farthing
Mel Farthing
Dec 22, 2021

Oh Jennifer,

What a beautiful post! Thank you for shining light for us all. Would love to circle in 2022, if it feels the right fit, for you 💫

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