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Hello fellow travellers,

I realise it has been a wee while since I posted anything or sent anything out to my loyal community.

When the first wave of Covid hit I was scrambling out of a month long celebration of my husband's 60th birthday and my daughter's 21st. To be totally honest with you I was very happy to just crawl into a cave and sleep.

Of course I didn't. I signed up to a free canva course, a graphic design website which allows you to create all sorts of brilliant graphics. I then decided to create a series of interviews with women who are both friends, intuitive mentors/coaches, healers and thought leaders. I loved leaning in and hearing their stories, there truly are some remarkable women out there.

And then just like that I stopped making them!

As quickly as they had started the camera stopped rolling and I curled up into a ball and slept. I created a vegetable garden, watched lots of interesting documentaries and pondered the state of the world. In my experience you will never regret a retreat from the usual business of your life.

After a period of about 6 weeks, a painful toothache that lingered for a month, a few intuitive readings for clients, and lots of clearing and sorting out of cupboards, things suddenly changed. A new coaching client came with very specific needs that I knew I could help with, and a new urge to create an online course surfaced. So these past few weeks I have been writing and filming and I have never felt happier.

The course is called "From overwhelm to self-acceptance" and it is a combination of tools and wisdom from my own healing story as well as research done in the field when supporting my clients. It is short, 4 videos, some bonus audios and a few pdfs to download and work through at your leisure. I am absolutely giddy to launch it in August.

I wanted you all to be the first to hear more about it.

I will be back in touch before the course is live. I hope to navigate the technology this week so I can offer all my subscribers a discount code for the course.

Until then. Be well, and take care of yourself and each other.

Always love,

Jen xx

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