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Change the date of Australia Day

Our Aboriginal Flag

"There is a deep desire in us to 'let go' of those parts of ourselves that trouble or disturb and that we believe are keeping us from the freedom and aliveness we long for. Often accompanying this desire is a profound and exhausting sense of frustration and even shame about not being able to let go in this way. It is seen as yet something else we've failed at, and this is painful. Whether it is letting go of the past, a certain person, an attachment to them, an idea about ourselves, or certain feelings and emotions that we believe are evidence that there is something fundamentally wrong or unloveable about us. The project of 'letting everything go' can quickly become a tool of aggression and self-abandonment, a re-enactment of an earlier time when we split off from certain aspects of ourselves in order to fit into a world that could not contain the unique fullness of our experience"- Matt Licata (from The Path is Everywhere, uncovering the jewels hidden within in you.) We cannot 'let go' of what happened to the Indigenous people of Australia on this date in 1788. We need to overcome the shame and reclaim that part of our history and integrate it fully into our story. We need to find a way to honour and respect our Aboriginal people. We need to change the date of Australia Day #changethedate

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