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Spiritual Narcissism

If you have ever watched one of JP Sears videos on this topic you will know exactly what I mean.

I have had my fair share of encounters with this specific breed. I have babysat children of spiritual narcs, only to be told not to let the child touch our plastic toys. Even worse, when my son gave his friend a plastic toy (aged 5) and the boy became quite attached to it, the mother came round to scold me for causing such tension in her household. That level of fear is overwhelming for everyone.

They are also the ones that have far superior healers who practice herbal homeopathic bio resonance emotional intestinal therapy...(I made that up but so did their healer), have been on incredible sacred retreats where the shaman recognised them as an evolved being. Where they discuss their inter dimensional and inter galactic past lives as if this body they were in was just so last year. If all of this is making you feel inferior, then that's my is just another form of dominant behaviour glossed over with a rainbow kaftan and a mantra.

One thing that alerts me to a spiritual narc being in my space is that they actually can't do two way conversations at all. It is only ever one way because it is always about them and their latest growth spurt with some incredible guru called "Fillup Mepockets". These days I smile and say "Wow how incredible, you look amazing, it sounds like you are in a great place"...and I move on.

I don't normally give advice but on this occasion I will.

DO NOT ENGAGE in a competition or challenge any of their thinking, it will end in tears.

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