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It has been a while since I checked in with you all. There has been a lot of noise these last few months and I noticed that I was experiencing some Social Media fatigue. Feeling less connection, less empathy and less interest in what people are sharing which is never a good sign.

So I decided to check out last week. I deleted both my Facebook and Instagram from my phone. A bolder move was stepping out of my office to spend the week using my hands. So I have been painting the house and getting lots of odd jobs done. It has been a joy that keeps on giving. I am listening to podcasts, belly laughing and painting, sewing, putting up new blinds and curtains and generally doing some much needed spring cleaning and sorting. It has been so successful that I have decided to extend my leave. Contrary to what I thought I am already noticing that my business is getting busier. I have started working with a Mental Health Service provider who offers respite care. I am working one on one using collage and other tools to support and create a vision of health and wellbeing for their clients. It has been so rewarding to see how engaged these clients are with my process and how beneficial they have found it.

This digital free space has also brought a creative prompt into my lap which is making me a bit giddy and I intent to spend time developing it further to see how it wants to grow. This month I will also be sitting in a circle with some women in order to get clearer on what my deeper needs are and how I can honour them. My journey back to health has been littered with so many experiences and I want to distill the essence of what I believe helped the most.

I know many of you may be moving back into lockdowns, or an election so just a reminder that if you need some extra support that you can enrol in my self-paced course "From Overwhelm to Self-Acceptance" anytime.

You can find out more about that at

Until next time stay safe and be well.

Always love

Jen x

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