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Coaching/Trauma Therapy

If we have had our experiences denied or shamed, it can be very challenging to take ownership of the parts of us that feel scared, overwhelmed, angry and sad. Sharing our story and expressing our needs is key to healing the physical and mental symptoms we may be having. In these transformational coaching sessions we allow all those parts to be heard and felt in a safe and caring environment. 


The foundation for my trauma-informed coaching is the thriving aspect of the Karpman Drama Triangle.

It gives us a diagram of learning to understand how we have created a dynamic of self-protection keeping us stuck in a reality that we often desperately want to change.

Awareness is everything when we are building healthy new neural pathways. This awareness was how I recovered from a serious chronic health illness. Bed ridden I stopped trying to fix myself and surrendered to the fact that the 'fixing' might actually be the issue. I began to listen to my body, making nothing wrong, just loving myself where I was. It was hard because self-punishment had been role-modelled to me throughout my life. Push harder, suck it up, get on with it, keep your foot on the gas!

Taking ownership of the parts of me that were wired for survival was challenging because I saw them as a weakness versus an essential self-protective mechanism due to my experiences.

Trauma is embedded in our cells and lives in our unconscious mind. When we choose to experience our suppressed emotions and feel those sensations in our body we tell our nervous system that we are safe and it is okay to return to calm, to regulate normally .

Once our nervous systems begin to calm down and regulate our body can heal, relax and begin to expand into a new 'thriver' reality.

This is our work together. Deep listening, gentle encouragement, awareness of our self-protective patterns, recognising our human-ness and taking one step at a time.

As I slowly healed I began to I meet parts of myself that were passionate and creative and my life began to become full of more joyful relationships and new exciting experiences.

Depending on each clients needs I can tailor make a package that combines coaching and The Richards Trauma Process. To find out more about The Richards Trauma process click here.

If you would like to find out more about working with me please click on the link below.



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